Best Discord Client – Vendetta

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Let’s start with, What’s a discord client

  1. A discord mobile client is a modified version allow you to modify your discord with bunch of things, like changing themes, installing plugins and much more

Why vendetta client

There is a lot of modded discord version out there with cool features, but vendetta client also provide security too, It is Safe, Secure, and trusted by more than 30 thousand user.


32 Thousand users 🙂


What can vendetta client do

The question is, what vendetta can’t do😉

Vendetta allows you to change your discord themes however you want, and there is bunch of presets on the official vendetta discord server

And also let’s not forget about the plugins that you can use.


Vendetta Plugins:

With plugins, discord will feel more easier to use, Vendetta also has built-in installer for the plugins and the themes as well, so it doesn’t require any third party apps or use any file manager, just with a simple click you can install the plugins that you want


How to install vendetta❓


  • It is very simple, all you have to do is go to the Official Vendetta GitHub and download the manager.
  • Install and open the manager.
  • Then click on install and open, and then login with your discord account


How to change themes

You need to join Vendetta Official Discord Server and go to the themes section, choose any theme you liked, and click install.


How to enable themes❓

Go to discord settings > scroll down > themes and enable the theme that you installed


How to enable plugins❓

Same as themes, it’s all in Vendetta Discord Server


Vendetta is very simple and safe to use, no coding or anything like that required, just click of a button and watch the magic happens.


👉Download Vendetta Now👈

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